Year in Review: The Top Caving News of 2012

December 31, 2012
The Top Caving News of 2012.

The Top Caving News of 2012. Remixed photo by nigelhowe/flickr

2012 has been an extremely exciting year for Caving News.

Beyond the nearly 200% increase in visitors, we launched a redesigned website, added a widget, published over 500 posts, partnered with the NSS, and surpassed 2400 cavers following us through various sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Furthermore, as part of the affiliation with the NSS, we’ve also been able to add other features to the site including the weekly CaveChat recap, coverage of the NSS convention and recently previews of the upcoming NSS News.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us by sending in news, telling your friends about us, and even by just visiting the site. We look forward to making Caving News even better in 2013.

Now, without further ado, we count down this years most popular articles of caving news, ordered by the number of views.

The Top Caving News of 2012

  1. World’s Deepest Cave Becomes Slightly Deeper
    An expedition inside Krubera-Voronja, the world’s deepest cave, has increased the depth by another 6 meters (20 feet).
  2. New Exploration at Restricted Phantom Springs Cave
    A five-day expedition to explore Phantom Springs Cave in western Texas has had some exciting results.
  3. Rescuers Search for Missing Cavers in West Virginia
    Three cavers are missing inside West Virginia’s Bone-Norman cave system this morning after they failed to return home on Sunday night.
  4. Astronauts Complete Underground Training Course
    After a six-day mission underground , the team of astronauts who took part of in the European Space Agency’s (ESA) CAVES 2012 training course have returned to the surface.
  5. Underground Bike Trail Opens in Dutch Mine
    A mine in the Netherlands has been put to use as a one of a kind underground bike trail.
  6. Body of Diver Discovered in Florida’s Ginnie Springs
    The body of a man was discovered this weekend in Ginnie Springs, Florida, having apparently drowned diving there two days earlier.
  7. Fatal Cave Diving Incident Occurs in France
    A French cave diver died last Thursday after failing to resurface at Font Estramar, a resurgence near Perpignan in the South of France.
  8. Connection Found Between Indiana’s Blowing Hole and Binkley Cave
    In February a connection was made between southern Indiana’s Blowing Hole and Binkley Caves. A hole found in the breakdown between the 11 kilometer (7 mile) long Blowing Hole Cave and the 44.5 kilometer (27.7 mile) Binkley Cave allowed for physical human contact.
  9. Explorers Make Exciting Discoveries in Lechuguilla Cave
    A group of 10 cavers from all over the United States made some exciting discoveries while on an expedition inside Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
  10. Underground Tsunami Witnessed at Nevada’s Devil’s Hole
    At team visiting Nevada’s Devil’s Hole were lucky enough to witness an underground tsunami.
  11. Body Found in Cave Identified as Kevin Eve; Cause of Death Revealed
    The Crawford County Coroner has confirmed that the body found in Indiana’s Breathing Hole Cave is that of 25-year-old missing caver Kevin Eve.
  12. Popular Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet Discontinued
    Petzl has discontinued it’s classic Ecrin Roc helmet. A favorite helmets for cavers world-wide, it was known for its durability, good ventilation and the compatibility with an assortment of headlamps.
  13. Another Tragedy at Florida’s Vortex Spring
    Florida’s Vortex Spring claimed the life of another cave diver.
  14. Oldest Cave Art Found in Spain’s Nerja Caves
    Six paintings of seals in a Spanish Cave are now thought to be the oldest works of art ever found, surpassing those in Chauvet Cave in southern France by 10,000 years.
  15. 2013 Naked Caving Calendar Supports Cave Rescue
    Cavers have once again decided to bare it all. This time it’s to support two UK cave rescue organizations, the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team and Yorkshire’s Cave Rescue Organisation.
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