About Caving News

Caving News aims to be the best source of daily cave news from around the world.

The site is geared towards cavers, with more details and information about things cavers appreciate and fewer explanations on the concepts we’re already familiar with.

First launched in March 2011, Caving News was created by a caver/web developer who saw the need for unified caving news resource that would be able to keep up with the exciting stream of discoveries and developments in the world of speleology.

By scouring the web for breaking news, recent discoveries and upcoming events, Caving News hopes to shine a light on the information that might otherwise be overlooked. As caving is a cooperative activity, we encourage other cavers to send in their news and to alert us anything we may have missed.

If you have questions or want to contact us for whatever reason, send an email [email protected].

Happy caving!