Year in Review: The Top Caving News of 2011

December 31, 2011
The Top Caving News of 2011

Remixed Photo by jeff_golden/flickr

As the first year that Caving News existed, it was momentous.

Including this one, 371 articles were posted in 2011. Considering that Caving News only began in March, it is quite an exciting number to reach.

One of the most exciting stories for Caving News itself is its growth. As each month passed, more and more cavers came to check us out, and many of you decided to follow us on facebook, twitter, and most recently google plus. Thank you all for the support .

As we now head into 2012 and even more exciting things to come, here is a look back at the fifteen most popular articles from 2011, ordered by the number of views.

  1. America’s First Underground Zip-Line Opens in Louisville
  2. Japan Earthquake Detected in Aquifer in Texas
  3. Jewel Cave Announces New Restoration Project; Cavers Required
  4. Cave Diver Perishes in Weekend Accident
  5. Participate in the 2011 Speleo Photo of the Year Contest
  6. Yeti Evidence Found during Russian Cave Expedition
  7. Student Drowns in Florida Cave Diving Accident
  8. Missing Caver in Indiana’s Harrison-Crawford State Forest
  9. Digging Pays Off in England’s Speedwell Cavern
  10. Rescue Underway to Extract Injured Italian Caver
  11. Three Counties System Connects to Create UK’s First 100 Kilometre Cave System
  12. Largest Cave in Vietnam to be Featured in New 3D Film
  13. The Unforeseen Consequences of Cave Closures
  14. Australian Cave Divers Break Depth Record
  15. Underground River Discovered Beneath Amazon
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