Month in Review: April 2013’s Must Read Caving News

April 30, 2013
Colorful Lighting Inside Vietnam's Dong Thien Cung.

Colorful Lighting Inside Vietnam’s Dong Thien Cung. Photo by Army Vet/flickr

As we say goodbye to April, it’s once again time to recap of the ten most popular titbits of caving news published on Caving News in the last 30 days.

This monthly review gives you, our valued reader, a chance to see what other folks found interesting, and to allow you to catch anything important you may have missed.

As usual we’ve had some excellent responses to our weekly Ask Cavers questions, with folks sharing their opinions on who the most celebrated cavers are, how they deal with eye glasses underground and whether they’ve had their rabies vaccination.

Now, without further ado, we count down April 2013′s most popular articles of caving news, ordered by the number of views.

April 2013’s Top 10 News Items

  1. Virginia Cave Week to Feature Tours of Ogdens Cave Natural Area Preserve
    Free walking tours of Ogdens Cave Natural Area Preserve in Frederick County are the highlight of this year’s Virginia Cave Week.
  2. New Indiana Caverns Show Cave Opening Date Approaching
    With the proposed opening date looming, folks at Indiana Caverns are working hard to complete the new tourist attraction.
  3. CRO Rescues Hypothermic Caver From Yorkshire’s Gaping Gill
    In its 15th incident of the year, Clapham’s Cave Rescue Organisation came to the aid of a French student suffering from hypothermia inside North Yorkshire’s Gaping Gill.
  4. Cave Divers Extend Sweden’s Longest Underwater Cave
    A cave diving expedition earlier this month in Sweden’s Bjurälven Nature Reserve has further increased the length of Sweden’s longest underwater cave.
  5. Cavers Cleaning Sinkholes Remove Tires by the Hundreds
    Over two weekends, March 30th and April 13th, cavers from Missouri’s Meramec Valley, Middle Mississippi Valley and Southeast Missouri Grottos came together to remove over 1,000 tires from a number of sinkholes in Perry County.
  6. Swiss Caver Rescued After Days Trapped Beyond Sump
    A Swiss caver was rescued after being trapped underground for two days.
  7. SEC Cavers Sink to New Depths in South Africa’s Deepest Cave
    A sinkhole first discovered in the ’90s has, since January this year, yielded new passages leading off from a massive chamber.
  8. Absolute Darkness: Canadian Brewery Launches Caving Themed Beer
    Canada’s Vancouver Island Brewery has released a new beer with a caving connection.
  9. Sistema Huautla Becomes Deepest Cave in the Western Hemisphere
    Cavers on an expedition to Sistema Huautla in southern Mexico have recently announced that they have reached a new depth of 1,545 meters (5,069 feet), once again making Sistema Huautla the deepest cave in the western hemisphere.
  10. Iranian Cavers Discover World’s Fourth Largest Cave Room
    Iranian Cavers exploring a new cave have discovered one of the largest rooms in the world.
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