Month in Review: May 2013’s Must Read Caving News

May 31, 2013
Lava Tube Cave in Mojave Desert National Preserve.

Lava Tube Cave in Mojave Desert National Preserve. Photo by Mike Baird/flickr

The end of May means that it’s once again time to recap of the ten most popular tidbits of caving news published on Caving News in the last 31 days.

This monthly review gives you, our valued reader, a chance to see what other folks found interesting, and to allow you to catch anything important you may have missed.

As usual we’ve had some excellent responses to our weekly Ask Cavers questions, with folks sharing their thoughts on the best headlamp on a budget, their best decontamination tips, and what they field of study/employment is?

Now, without further ado, we count down May 2013′s most popular articles of caving news, ordered by the number of views.

May 2013’s Top 10 News Items

  1. Unicycle Caving: A Unique Combination
    Caving can be strenuous and challenging enough, but two folks in Wales had the crazy idea to combine it with their other passion, unicycling.
  2. Firefighters Assist Explorer Stranded in Kentucky Cave
    A 22-year-old explorer was helped out of a Kentucky cave after he became stranded, unable to get out on his own.
  3. Significant Deposit of Ice Age Bones Found in Southern Indiana Cave
    Besides facilitating easy access to visitors of the soon to open Indiana Caverns, the creation of a new entrance into Indiana’s Binkley Cave has for the first time allowed a paleontologist to visit Big Bone Mountain.
  4. Scientists Determine Suspected Cause of Cave’s High Carnivore Ratio
    Scientists examining a Spanish cave containing one of the largest concentrations of carnivores now believe they have uncovered the reason.
  5. Rock Fall Injures Two Cavers Beneath Cheddar Gorge
    Two cavers we injured recently during a visit to the Frozen Deep, Britain’s largest chamber beneath Cheddar Gorge.
  6. Construction Workers Discover Cavity Under English Restaurant
    Construction workers stumbled on a large hole during work at a new restaurant in Reigate, a town just south of London, England.
  7. Newly Discovered Collapsed Cave Would Have Been World’s Largest
    Scientists studying Hang Son Doong, currently the world’s largest cave, in Vietnam, have stumbled upon a collapsed cave that would have been even larger.
  8. Cavers Discover Entrance Using an Infrared Camera
    As part of a project between the West Virginia Association for Cave Studies and Ohio University, cavers have discovered a new entrance with the help of an infrared camera.
  9. Cavers Discover Southeast Asia’s Longest Lava Tube
    A dozen lava tubes, including one now considered to be the longest in Southeast Asia, have recently been discovered in Vietnam.
  10. Caver Falls During Trip in Georgia’s Ellison’s Cave
    A group of cavers ran into trouble while exploring Georgia’s Ellison’s Cave when one member of the party fell some 9 to 12 meters (30 to 40 feet).
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