Month in Review: July 2013’s Must Read Caving News

July 31, 2013
Spectacular formations inside Missouri's Bridal Cave.

Spectacular formations inside Missouri’s Bridal Cave. Photo by Molechaser/flickr

Once again it’s time to review the top ten most popular news items on Caving News in the last 31 days.

This monthly review gives you, our valued reader, a chance to see what other folks found interesting, and to allow you to catch anything important you may have missed.

As usual we’ve had some excellent responses to our weekly Ask Cavers questions, with folks sharing their experiences on attending weddings in caves, if they test for foul air, and what caving means to them.

Now, without further ado, we count down July 2013′s most popular articles of caving news, ordered by the number of views.

July 2013′s Top 10 News Items

  1. Why is Mammoth Cave Important? NPS Seeks Public Input
    As Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park prepares a foundation document for its future planning and management, the National Park Service is asking the public to share their thoughts and comments on what the park means to them.
  2. Overdue Cavers & Stuck Boy Keep CRO Rescuers Hopping
    Rescuers with Yorkshire’s Cave Rescue Organisation got an early start on Tuesday July 9th, when they responded to a report of seriously overdue cavers in Swinsto Hole.
  3. Carlsbad Cavern Coming to Google Maps Street View
    New Mexico’s Carlsbad Cavern is slated to become one of the first caves in the U.S. to be featured on Google Maps Street View later this year.
  4. High Speed X-Ray Video Reveals Secrets of Bat Flight
    New high-speed motion X-ray videos of bats has shed new light on why bats are the only mammals truly capable of sustained flight.
  5. Geomyces destructans Reclassified Pseudogymnoascus destructans
    A shake up in fungi taxonomy has resulted in Geomyces destructans, the fungus known to be the cause of white-nose syndrome in hibernating bats, to be reclassified Pseudogymnoascus destructans.
  6. Security Barrier Construction Results in Cave Discovery
    A large cave was discovered over the weekend during the construction of security barriers near the Israeli settlement of Tzofim, northwest of Tel Aviv.
  7. Video Features 2013 Sistema Huautla Expedition Presentation
    Earlier this year caver divers pushed Mexico’s Sistema Huautla to a new depth of 1,545 meters (5,069 feet), once again making Sistema Huautla the deepest cave in the western hemisphere.
  8. Monongahela National Forest Cave Closures Renewed Indefinitely
    Just days before its expiry on June 30th, the U.S. Forest Service has once again renewed the closure of all caves in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest.
  9. World’s Largest Cave Opens for Tours
    Tours of Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world, will begin this August, now that a pilot program has been approved by government officials.
  10. Significant Cave Discovered During Road Construction Project
    A substantial cave, discovered in June along a road north of Austin, Texas, is causing problems for construction crews working on a road improvement project.
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