Jewel Cave Announces New Restoration Project; Cavers Required

Inside South Dakota's Jewel CaveJewel Cave National Monument is looking for experienced cavers to help with the undertaking of a new project that promises to provide opportunities to visit diverse areas of what is currently the world’s second longest cave.

The project, which begins in January 2012, involves restoring of the extensive trail system within the cave by replacing, labelling, and moving navigational flagging used through trade routes, recreation routes, and the common exploration travel corridors.

Trips to undertake the restoration will be planned based upon the schedules, interest and ability of the cavers participating. Accommodations and caving equipment will be provided to participants.

Volunteers are also being sought to get involved in the continued exploration of Jewel Cave which currently stands at 250 kilometres (155 miles) long.

For those interested in these exciting opportunities, contact Lee-Gray Boze via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 605-673-8312.

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