Student Drowns in Florida Cave Diving Accident

April 18, 2011

Amy RyanOn Sunday a student from the University of South Florida drowned while cave diving with friends at a spring near South Riviera Point in Citrus County, Florida. The group were not equipped for cave diving, wearing only goggles at the time of the accident.

A local firefighter with cave diving experience was eventually able to locate the woman after she failed to surface and he friends attempts to locate her were unsuccessful.

Local cave divers in the area have already begun to take action and the National Speleological Society’s Cave Diving Section has agreed to donate signs to post around the spring to help prevent this kind of accident in the future.

USF student Amy Ryan drowns while cave diving [ 10 News]

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  1. mickey
    April 19, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    me and our family was raised on that river and dove down every chance we could.But one day my nephew went for a dive and didnt come up also we looked but no trace his father was going in shock and kept looking he found a little opening and went in and found him he said it was a big cave he didnt even know how to get out but found hes way and hes child followed him he said he thought he was going to drowned to it was a miracle both are here one more minute they both would of passed god bless your family


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