Why is Mammoth Cave Important? NPS Seeks Public Input

Mammoth Cave National Park Entrance Sign

Mammoth Cave National Park Entrance Sign. Photo via NPS

As Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park prepares a foundation document for its future planning and management, the National Park Service is asking the public to share their thoughts and comments on what the park means to them.

The foundation document will attempt to describe a shared understanding of what is most important about the park, including its core mission and significance, the most important resources and values, and the interpretive themes, that tell the story of Mammoth Cave, both above and below ground.

Although it is not a decision-making document and does not include actions or management strategies, the foundation document will reestablish the underlying guidance for future management and planning decisions found in the Mammoth Cave National Park’s out of date original planning documents.

A foundation document involves revisiting a park’s core mission and significance, what is important about the Park. It answers the question – ‘why do we care about this place?’ Sarah Craighead, Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent

To get your feedback, the NPS has prepared four specific questions on the park’s significance, threats, and opportunities.

Questions for comment

  1. What is most important about Mammoth Cave National Park?
  2. What should the American people know about Mammoth Cave National Park? What are its most important stories?
  3. What are the greatest threats to Mammoth Cave National Park?
  4. What opportunities for visitor experiences, recreation, or resource protection efforts would you like to see at Mammoth Cave National Park?

To submit your answers, fill out the comment form on the NPS planning website by July 29th, 2013.

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