Overdue Cavers & Stuck Boy Keep CRO Rescuers Hopping

July 11, 2013 / England, United Kingdom, Europe
Cave Rescue Organisation's Newest Rescue Vehicle CRO3.

Cave Rescue Organisation’s Newest Rescue Vehicle CRO3. Photo via CRO

Rescuers with Yorkshire’s Cave Rescue Organisation got an early start on Tuesday when they responded to a report of seriously overdue cavers in Swinsto Hole.

The alert was issued by police just before 2:00 am, after two cavers, one 40 and the other 45, failed to return from an evening pull-through trip.

Once on the scene, CRO checked Turbary Pot before sending in search teams. Teams descended into both Swinsto Hole and Simpson’s Pot, while another team searched up from Valley Entrance.

The overdue cavers were eventually found upstream of the final Swinsto pitch, unable to find their way from the Great Aven.

Both cavers, no worse for wear despite their 12 hour ordeal, were subsequently escorted to the surface.

Then later that same day, only some 21 hours after being called to the first incident, CRO were needed yet again. This time to assist a 13-year-old boy was reported stuck, with his knee jammed in a crack, in Thistle Cave.

Fortunately by the time teams arrived to perform the extraction, they found that the boy had already been freed by his fellow cavers.

These call outs mark the 34th and 35th incidents the CRO has responded to this year.

Incident 34/2013 – Jul 09 Tue 01.52 Swinsto Hole, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue [Cave Rescue Organisation] & Incident 35/2013 – Jul 09 Tue 22.45 Thistle Cave, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue [Cave Rescue Organisation]

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