Month in Review: August 2013’s Must Read Caving News

August 31, 2013
Formations following cracks on the ceiling inside Dan yr Ogof.

Formations following cracks on the ceiling inside Dan yr Ogof. Photo by Gareth Lovering/flickr

The end of summer August means that it’s time for a review of the top ten most popular news items on Caving News in the past month.

This look back gives you a chance to see what other readers found interesting, and to allow you to catch anything you may have missed.

As usual we’ve had some excellent responses to our weekly Ask Cavers questions, with folks sharing how they would deal with being lost in a cave, how many sets of caving gear they own, and their reasons for bringing a mobile phone underground.

Now, without further ado, we count down August 2013′s most popular articles of caving news, ordered by the number of views.

August 2013′s Top 10 News Items

  1. 2013 NSS Convention Update: Set-up Day
    Things began to buzz at Pennsylvania’s Shippensburg University, site of the 2013 NSS Convention, on Saturday.
  2. 2013 NSS Convention Update: Monday Kickoff
    Monday morning at the 2013 NSS Convention in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania was bright and sunny—simply perfect weather, and it was a bright and sunny day for the NSS as well.
  3. 2013 NSS Convention Update: The Rest of the Week
    Well… the weather cooperated right up until Wednesday evening, and sure enough, the Convention site was baptized by a pretty significant set of thunderstorms, which dropped over two inches of rain in as many days, and meant for some pretty soggy attendees.
  4. New Cave Dwelling Millipede Described in Portugal
    A new cave-dwelling millipede has been discovered in a cave in southern Portugal.
  5. Belgian Cavers Announce Discovery of Two New Cave Systems
    The discovery of two significant cave systems has recently been made public by cavers in Belgium.
  6. Injured Man Rescued From Vermont’s Weybridge Cave
    A man was rescued from a cave in Weybridge, Vermont on August 7th after spending some 14 hours stuck underground.
  7. Caver Suffers Dislocated Shoulder in Gouffre Berger
    A caver was pulled from the famous Gouffre Berger on Friday August 2nd, after suffering a dislocated shoulder the previous afternoon.
  8. Possible Bracken Bat Cave Solution Emerges
    The fight to save Bracken Cave, home to the world’s largest population of bats, from a nearby housing development seems, to have stumbled upon a possible solution.
  9. Spanish Cavers Spend Four Days Lost Underground
    A group of four cavers were rescued after spending four days lost underground.
  10. Abseiling Grafitti Artists Raid Wookey Hole Caves
    Wookey Hole, a popular show cave in Southwestern England’s Mendip Hills, has stepped up security after it became a victim of a strange graffiti attack.
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