Caver Suffers Dislocated Shoulder in Gouffre Berger

August 3, 2013 / France, Europe
Members of Team Petzl inside Gouffre Berger in 2011.

Members of Team Petzl inside Gouffre Berger in 2011. Photo by Serge Caillault

A caver was pulled from the famous Gouffre Berger just before 5:00 pm on Friday August 2nd, after suffering a dislocated shoulder the previous afternoon.

The 33-year-old experienced polish caver, who now lives in Alsace, was with a group -650 meters (-2133 feet) below the surface, when he slipped in a wet area and dislocated his shoulder.

Sending for help, the French cave rescue organization, Spéléo Secours Français, received the call out at 10:00 pm. Shortly after, a group of first responders, accompanied by a doctor, began to descend the cave.

Eventually joining the injured caver around 1:30 am, the doctor stabilized the shoulder and administered pain killers.

Beginning the slow ascent, the injured caver was able to move under his own power until -250 meters (-820 feet) when a stretcher system was used to lift him though the final, most difficult, sections.

Once on the surface, he was taken to hospital by helicopter and the rescuers began the long process of de-rigging the cave.

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