Walls Cave Survey Tool Update Released: 2013-05-25

July 3, 2013
Roundtripping SVG Maps in Walls.

Roundtripping SVG Maps in Walls. Screenshot via the Walls Manual

A new version of Walls, the popular cave survey data management tool, has recently been released.

Walls Version 2, B8 Release, Build 2013-05-25, which includes several improvements to the VMRL export and visualization, was made available for download on July 1st.

As part of the update the VRML export function was modified to output point clouds defining cave passage walls. Now, the lines connecting the points to a station or measuring device are also optionally exported.

In addition, Joe Mitchell, who is developing an electronic cave mapping device known as Caveatron, assisted by designing a data format and providing files generated by the prototype.

Finally, the programs VRML viewer, Walls3D, was also updated to display higher-quality, anti-aliased, lines and points.

Available for Windows, Walls is freeware developed by David McKenzie.

For more information, including the full change log, or to grab yourself a copy, visit the Walls website.

Version 2, B8 Release, Build 2013-05-25 [Walls]

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