Build 2015-03-17 of the Walls Cave Survey Program Released

March 18, 2015
Roundtripping SVG Maps in Walls.

Roundtripping SVG Maps in Walls. Screenshot via the Walls Manual

A new version of Walls, the popular cave survey data management program for Windows, was released on St. Patrick’s Day.

Walls Version 2, B8 Release, Build 2015-03-17 incorporates the latest International Geomagnetic Reference Field (12th Generation) model which covers the period between January 1st, 1900 through December 31st, 2019.

This addition was also recently made to Compass, another well known cave survey program.

For those that are interested, these changes can be verified by the comparing them with the Magnetic Declination Estimated Value calculator at the National Geophysical Data Center’s web site.

In addition, the SVG roundtripping code now logs a larger number of diagnostic messages of a certain kind before aborting—useful when splitting very large Illustrator documents (source SVGs) into smaller ones.

Available for Windows, Walls is freeware developed by David McKenzie.

For more information, including the full change log, or to grab yourself a copy, visit the Walls website.

Version 2, B8 Release, Build 2015-03-17 [Walls]

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