Walls Cave Survey Tool Releases Build 2013-01-29

February 1, 2013
Roundtripping SVG Maps in Walls.

Roundtripping SVG Maps in Walls. Screenshot via the Walls Manual

The other day Walls, the popular cave survey data management tool, saw its first update in almost two years.

Walls Version 2, B8 Release, Build 2013-01-29 includes several tweaks, but the biggest changes come to its SVG export feature.

A suggestion by Peter Sprouse prompted an enhancement to support merging of artwork from two separate SVG files. This change represents a major upgrade to the Walls’ roundtripping capability, which also saw a fix to properly adjust Adobe Illustrator live paint objects thanks to help from Aaron Addison.

Other SVG export improvements include displaying adjustment details whether or not the Walls2D viewer is launched and, as suggested by Jeff Bartlett, the listing of the survey vector experiencing the greatest endpoint coordinate change along with the amount it was shifted.

Also thanks to Jeff Bartlett, 2013-01-29 also includes support for the SVG <pattern> element which allows use of pattern fills for objects in any adjustable layer.

Available for Windows, Walls is freeware developed by David McKenzie.

For more information, including the full change log, or to grab yourself a copy, visit the Walls website.

Version 2, B8 Release, Build 2013-01-29 [Walls]

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