New Compass Update Adds Cave Survey Reconstruction Tool

September 3, 2013

Compass, the popular cave survey software, has just released an update that adds a survey reconstruction tool to recreate old surveys from paper maps.

Used in situations where original survey data of difficult to reach sections of a cave has been lost and all that is left are paper maps or sketch maps, MapToDat allows surveyors to reconstruct the original cave survey data without resorting to the use of rulers and protractors.

To begin the feature, one simply loads a scanned image of the map into the program and then clicks on the survey stations in the map. With that information MapToDat automatically calculates compass angles and lengths for each shot.

MapToDat, Compass's new survey reconstruction tool.

MapToDat, Compass’s new survey reconstruction tool. Screengrab via Compass

If station elevations are available, inclinations and slope-lengths can be calculated too.

Once the process is complete, the resulting data can then be saved as a Compass DAT file.

Available for Windows, Compass is free to try, and full registration is only $25.00.

For more information or to try it out, visit the Compass Cave Survey Software website.

Update – 9-2-13 [Compass]

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