Explorers Give Jewel Cave Length a Tiny Bump

Cavers conducting pre-trip safety discussions.

Cavers conducting pre-trip safety discussions. Photo via NPS

This past Monday a small group explorers visited South Dakota’s Jewel Cave National Monument to follow-up some of the hundreds of leads.

In a Facebook post, NPS Staff report that the team focused on an area around Rambling Loft, a common recreation route destination that is northeast of the elevator entrance.

For their efforts, the cavers added an additional 359.4 feet (109.54 meters) to the map, leaving Jewel Cave with a current length of 175.24 miles (282.02 kilometres).

The previous survey trip, over the Valentine’s Day Weekend, saw two teams add 6,557.65 feet (1,998.7 meters) to the survey, pushing the known length of the cave past the 175 mile mark.

Jewel Cave is the third longest known cave in the world behind Kentucky’s 400 mile (643.7 kilometer) long Mammoth Cave System and Sistema Sac Actun in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, at 206.9 miles (332.9 kilometers).

[via Facebook]

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