Fees Increase For Mammoth Cave National Park Visitors

February 28, 2015 / Kentucky, United States, North America
Mammoth Cave visitors begin the Grand Avenue Tour

Mammoth Cave visitors begin the Grand Avenue Tour. Photo by NPS

The modest fee increase that was proposed by Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park last year is scheduled to take effect on March 14th.

Park staff have announced that cave tours will increase by $1 to $2, except the Wild Cave tour, which will increase by $5, and camping fees will increase by $3 to $5. Fees for reservable picnic shelters will increase by $25. Some of these have not changed in seven or more years.

The rates have been adjusted to match comparable services in the local area as per NPS requirements.

We asked for modest increases because we want to ensure that visiting Mammoth Cave will remain affordable. However, the cost of operating the park continues to increase along with the need to complete improvement projects on aging park infrastructure. In total, we expect the fee increase to bring an additional $350,000 to the park this year. Sarah Craighead, Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent

This year, income from park fees will fund renovations at the Mammoth Cave Hotel.

At Mammoth Cave, 80 percent of the money collected is used in the park to provide facilities and services that have direct benefit to park visitors. The remaining 20 percent helps support projects in the 270 national park units that do not charge entrance fees, such as nearby Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

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