Indian Man Rescued From Cave After Three-Day Ordeal

March 18, 2013 / India, Asia

After a three-day long rescue effort, a man trapped in an Indian cave has been saved.

The man had been walking in the Bhanupratapur district of India on March 13th when he fell into the narrow cave. Unable to get free, rescue teams assembled from Kanker, Raipur, Jagdalpur, Bhilai, Dallirajhara, Korba and Cuttack and tried to get him out.

With an estimated 65% of his body stuck in the rocks, it found to be impossible to pull him out without injuring him.

During the ordeal, the man’s condition deteriorated to the point that he was put on a liquid diet.

Eventually a National Disaster Management team made it to the scene and were able to remove the largest, most troublesome rock to finally set him free.

Man rescued from cave after 3 days [The Times of India]

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