Speleological Union of Ireland’s Try Caving Weekend a Success

March 7, 2013 / Ireland, Europe
Speleological Union of Ireland's 2013 Try Caving Weekend.

Speleological Union of Ireland’s 2013 Try Caving Weekend. Photo via SUI

This past weekends Try Caving Weekend, put on by the Speleological Union of Ireland, has been deemed a success.

On March 2nd and 3rd, the SUI ran five caving trips to introduce complete beginners to caving. The event, hosted by experienced members of the Clare Caving Club in County Clare, and the Shannon Caving Group in County Fermanagh, attracted a great deal of attention thanks to advertising in the local press.

There is hope now that at least some of the new cavers will now continue with the sport and become active members of the clubs.

Try Caving 2013 a success! [Speleological Union of Ireland]

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