Speleological Union of Ireland Announces 2013 Try Caving Weekend

February 10, 2013 / Ireland, Europe
Speleological Union of Ireland's Try Caving Weekend.

Speleological Union of Ireland’s Try Caving Weekend. Photo via SUI

The Speleological Union of Ireland has just announced their 2013 Try Caving Weekend.

The free event, held March 2nd and 3rd, 2013, will include a short talk on caving and the Speleological Union of Ireland as well as an introductory caving trips led by experienced SUI cavers, one in the Burren region of County Clare and the other in County Fermanagh.

During the caving trips, basic equipment will even be made available for the new cavers to use.

To find out information email [email protected] or visit the Speleological Union of Ireland website.

Try Caving Weekend 2013 [Speleological Union of Ireland]

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