Sneak Peek: Inside the March 2013 Issue of NSS News

February 27, 2013
Cover of the March 2013 Issue of NSS News.

Cover of the March 2013 Issue of NSS News. Image via NSS

The March 2013 issue of NSS News is on its way and will soon be arriving in mailboxes.

In this issue Bill Mason chronicles the February 2012 Xibalba Exploration and Mapping Team (XMET) expedition to survey Brazilian caves, while Nancy Pistole recounts the Janurary 2012 Northern Lao European Cave Project (NLECP) expedition to Laos and Myanmar.

Additionally Eritrean geologist Berhane meskel Michael reports on the gypsum caves of the eastern Africa’s Danakil Depression, Amy Hinkle discusses the challenges faced by curvy cavers when vertical caving, and the NSS President, Wm Shrewsbury, gives an update on the headquarters renovations.

NSS Members, start watching your mailboxes.

The NSS News is the monthly publication of the National Speleological Society. It is sent to all regular (but not Basic) members of the NSS. If you’re interested in receiving copies, visit and become an NSS member today. For individual issues, visit the NSS Bookstore.

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