Sneak Peek: Inside the August 2013 Issue of NSS News

July 29, 2013
Cover of the August 2013 Issue of NSS News.

Cover of the August 2013 Issue of NSS News. Image via NSS

NSS Members, start watching your mailboxes, the August 2013 issue of NSS News has been mailed out.

With the aim to help cavers become safer by learning through others’ experiences, this special American Caving Accidents issue warns of the hazards of caving through the reports of real-life incidents that have occurred during the past two years.

Compiled by Bonny Armstrong, the 2011-2012 American Caving Accidents features statistics and details on the 30 cave and cave diving incidents in 2011, 36 incidents in 2012 and a further eight previously unreported incidents from prior years.

Beyond accidents, Scott McCrea instructs on the how to use the greatest feature of a rappel rack, variable friction, and readers share their thoughts on the most ridiculous cave name in Philip Rykwalder’s Cave Chronicles.

The NSS News is the monthly publication of the National Speleological Society. It is sent to all regular (but not Basic) members of the NSS. If you’re interested in receiving copies, visit and become an NSS member today. For individual issues, visit the NSS Bookstore.

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