Sneak Peek: Inside the July 2013 Issue of NSS News

June 25, 2013
Cover of the July 2013 Issue of NSS News.

Cover of the July 2013 Issue of NSS News. Image via NSS

The July 2013 issue of NSS News has been mailed out and will soon be arriving in members mailboxes.

This upcoming issue features an extensive report on West Virginia’s Savannah Cave. Written by Bruce Fries, Mark Minton, Greg Springer, and John Tudek, the detailed report, complete with the working map, covers the history of the cave from its first second excavation to the latest discoveries.

Next, John Woods shares the results of the Mitchell Ascending System ergonomic tests, and the 2013 National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, entitled “A Changing Climate”, is announced.

Finally, to complete the issue, Kim Metzgar writes about what to expect when caving in Pennsylvania during this summer’s NSS Convention, while Wm Shrewsbury, the NSS President, gives an update on the headquarters.

NSS Members, start watching your mailboxes.

The NSS News is the monthly publication of the National Speleological Society. It is sent to all regular (but not Basic) members of the NSS. If you’re interested in receiving copies, visit and become an NSS member today. For individual issues, visit the NSS Bookstore.

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