Minnesota’s Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park Acquires Additional 450+ Acres

Inside Minnesota's Mystery CaveMinnesota’s Department of Natural Resources announced yesterday that it’s Forestville/ Mystery Cave State Park has acquired an additional 454 acres of land from a local family.

The new acquisition, identified by the Minnesota County Biological Survey as an area of outstanding biodiversity, features picturesque limestone cliffs, two miles of trout streams and is home to a number of rare and threatened species, including timber rattlesnakes, milk snakes, cerulean warblers and loggerhead shrikes.

Located in a karst region of southeastern Minnesota, the park is home to Mystery Cave which is over 19 kilometers (12 miles) long.

Funding for the $1.75 million USD purchase came from Reinvest in Minnesota, a program which raises money through the sale of license plates in order to protect wildlife habitats.

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park adding 454 scenic acres after family sells land [TwinCities.com]

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  1. steve vennemann
    August 27, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Thank you for the great information We are going there this weekend to see the caves and hike.


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