Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park Acquires Lost Creek Cave

Inside Tennessee's Lost Creek Cave

Inside Tennessee’s Lost Creek Cave. Photo by MATomlinson/flickr

Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park recently added Lost Creek Cave to its long list of caves.

With five entrances and more than 11 kilometers (seven miles) of passageway, Lost Creek Cave is one of the best-known recreational caves in the state.

Formerly owned by the late James Rylander of Americus, Georgia, the cave and adjacent waterfall are part of a 200-acre property just northwest of the park’s boundary. The property was bequest to the state after Rylander’s death in 2011.

The cave, home to 11 rare species, will now be better protected from abusive visitors who have left garbage and graffiti and set fires.

It is expected that the property will be kept in a natural, unimproved state, although there is talk of a hiking trail being constructed to link the Lost Creek Falls area to the nearby Virgin Falls State Natural Area.

Fall Creek Falls has more caves than any park in the eastern U.S. — except for Mammoth Cave [National Park], Stuart Carroll, Naturalist and Interpretive Specialist at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Officials anticipate continuing to allow cavers to access Lost Creek Cave, despite the closures of all caves on state-owned lands due to white-nose syndrome.

I don’t think it was Mr. Rylander’s intention for us to get the cave and the next day close it, Stuart Carroll, Naturalist and Interpretive Specialist at Fall Creek Falls State Park

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  1. Alley
    November 26, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Funny because now I hear they have closed the cave since it is owned by the state. So basically it should Not have been left to the state. It is one of the caves that is pretty safe and a Great learning place for those new to caving and children. So sad that they have closed it. What a waste!


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