International Union of Speleology Holds Anthem Competition

June 22, 2011

International Union of SpeleologyThe Arts and Letters Commission of the International Union of Speleology has recently put out a call to all caving musicians to create an anthem for the UIS.

The winning entry (if one is worhty) will be revealed at the opening ceremony of the next International Congress of Speleology being held in Brno, Czech Republic in 2013.

Though there will be no financial reward, the talented musician will have the honour of composing the anthem, and the pride of listening to it as the UIS flag is hoisted at the congress.

UIS ANTHEM: Conditions of competition

  • Entries must be between 60 to 90 seconds in length.
  • All entries must be provided digitally to the UIS Bureau through the UIS Arts and Letters Commission (Ian Ellis Chandler).
  • Entries to be received by Arts and Letters Commission by end January, 2012. They will be considered by the Bureau summer meeting 2012. The Bureau retains the option not to select any entry as suitable.
  • The digital entry will not include lyrics. Lyrics can be attached, and a digital audio version can be presented.
  • Lyrics can be in any of the following languages of the UIS: English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish.
  • Entries must be original and not based on any existing music.
  • Entries should be universal and not in a style generally associated with any country.
  • The style should capable of appealing for many years and not based on any particular modern style.
  • Entries should try to capture the spirit of speleology.

For more infromation or to submit your works, contact Ian Ellis Chandler (UIS Arts and Letters Commission) by email or telephone (0034 942619903).

Speleomusic competition: UIS Anthem [Karst Worlds]

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