16th International Congress of Speleology

March 22, 2011

16th International Congress of SpeleologyThe 16th International Congress of Speleology will take place in the city of Brno in Czech Republic from the July 21st to 28th in 2013. The event organized by the International Union of Speleology is already expected to surpass the 1500 cavers that attended the 15th International Congress of Speleology which was held in Kerrville, Texas in the United States in 2009.

The event will highlight discoveries made over the past 4 years from all over the planet. Aside from the new discovery of caves and passages, the many archeological and biological discoveries that have transpired will also be featured.

During the event competitions will take place in painting, sculpture, photography and film categories, including a Speleo Olympics where cavers can compete in athletic ability.

Of course there will be many opportunities to do what cavers do best. The geographical location of the event will allow many spectacular excursions which will be ongoing throughout the event, as well as before and after.

The ICS remains one of the prime event for cavers the world over to get together to share experiences, knowledge and to socialize. It promises to be an amazing experience for all who are lucky enough to attend.

For more information head on over to www.speleo2013.com.

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