Guy Stover Pit Cave in relation to Binkley Cave

Indiana’s Binkley Cave Swallows Up Guy Stover Pit

On Saturday May 14th, members of the Indiana Speleological Survey connected Guy Stover Pit cave in southern Indiana to Binkley cave though a (225 foot) “tight muddy miserable waterfilled low airspace bellycrawl”.

This extension puts Binkley cave at just under 26 miles long, and gives a much needed shortcut to the furthest reaches of the cave, which in the past took 4 hours to reach. This shortcut will make it easier in the future to explore a connection to nearby Blowing Hole cave.

To read other trips reports, including the ones leading up to the discovery be sure to visit Dave Everton’s Binkley Cave Page.

Indiana’s longest cave now roughly one mile longer! []

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