Learn About the Sandy Glacier Cave Project at Upcoming Webinar

January 27, 2015 / Oregon, United States, North America
A view of the glaciers on Oregon's Mount Hood.

A view of the glaciers on Oregon’s Mount Hood.Photo by Smithfl/Wikimedia

The adventure, beauty, science of the Sandy Glacier Cave on Oregon’s Mount Hood is the subject of the next NSS CaveNet webinar.

Scheduled for February 17th, 2015 the presentation will tell the familiar story of glacier retreat from an internal perspective.

The webinar will be hosted by project expedition leaders Eddy Cartaya and Brent McGregor who have watched first hand the melting process inside Sandy Glacier.

They are hoping their efforts to create a record of this disappearing wild spirited cave system will help in some way to better understand where society and our environment is headed.

Soon, their maps, data collections, and photographs will be all that remains.

This chilling presentation begins at 8:00pm CT (9:00pm ET/7:00pm MT/6:00pm PT).

Register now!

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