Good Morning America Brings World’s Largest Cave To US Homes

May 14, 2015 / Vietnam, Asia

In an episode that was months in the making, Good Morning America reporter Ginger Renee Colonomos/Ginger Zee did a live broadcast from Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong this past Wednesday.

Building off a recent viral video that used a drone to capture the cave system, Good Morning America brought along a number of the mini whirly birds and their pilots to shoot their piece.

The multiple clips begin with a teaser showing the journey to the cave, located in the remote jungle of Quang Binh province, first being dropped off by helicopter before making the hike to its entrance.

The six minute long main feature clip has Zee reporting from deep inside the cave and showing some amazing shots of her and her team travelling through it.

Although first found by a local in 1991, was only explored in 2009 by a team of British cavers, including Howard Limbert who was featured in the broadcast.

They found its largest chamber to be more than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) long, 200 metres (660 feet) high and 150 metres (490 feet) wide, far surpassing Malaysia’s Deer Cave, the previous champion.

Since then, it has slowly been gaining world-wide attention. The cave has also had its share of controversy after plans to build a cable car, first into, then to, and then close to, the cave surfaced in October 2014. A petition to Save Son Doong collected over 71,000 signatures before the project was effectively halted, however there have been recent efforts to revive it.

[via Tuoi Tre News]

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