Consultants Evaulate Options to Repair Montana’s Pictograph Cave

Pictograph Cave in Pictograph Caves State Park near Billings, Montana

Pictograph Cave in Pictograph Caves State Park near Billings, Montana. Photo by Tbennert/Wikimedia

The bill to cleanup a rock fall that closed the namesake cave at Montana’s Pictograph Cave State Park could prove expensive.

The cave, near Billings, was closed to the public following a major rock slide in early January which destroyed part it.

Montana’s reports that consultants from GeoStabilization International were brought in to evaluate and find remedies for the erosion problems which led to the rock slide.

We don’t have a cleanup time table for this rock fall yet. What we’re focusing on is how to mitigate additional rockfall that may happen. Geology is happening all the time. Martin Woodard, a geologist with GeoStabilization International

Although the final tally is yet to be determined, Montana State Parks will foot the bill for the repair.

A national historic landmark, the pictograph caves were the site of some of Montana’s first professional archeological studies beginning in 1937. Over 30,000 artifacts have since been identified, with at least 20,000 animal remains recovered from the site.

Despite the main cave’s closure, the two other caves in the park, Middle and Ghost, remain open to the public.


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