New DistoX2 Upgrade Kits Are Now Available

December 28, 2013
A Modified Leica Disto X310 with PDA.

A Modified Leica Disto X310 with PDA. Photo via

The long awaited DistoX2, electronic cave surveying tool, is finally available.

An upgrade for the Leica Disto X310 (known as the E7400x in North America), the kit adds a 3-axis compass, a clinometer and a Bluetooth connection to the already powerful measuring tool.

The modifications enable users to connect wirelessly to a PDA where they can store and manage the survey data and to draw sketches directly on the screen. Results can later be transferred to a PC based cave surveying applications and graphics editors.

Built to replace the no longer available DistoX1, the original DistoX which was based on the long discontinued Leica Disto A3.

Compared to the A3, the new X310 offers a number of new features such as a robust and waterproof case, a rechargeable non-magnetic LiPo battery which helps avoid compass errors, enhanced distance range (from 80 meters to over 120 meters) and a timer for automatic measurements.

An attempt was made to build a new kit based on the Leica Disto DXT210 (the first waterproof Leica model), however after significant calibration drift issues, work on the DXT210 stopped and the version never made it to market.

The DistoX2 kit costs €180 (~$250 USD) and requires a Leica Disto X310.

For more information visit the Paperless Cave Surveying website.

[via Beat Heeb]

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