CRO Rescues Three Cavers Trapped by Rising Water

December 18, 2013 / England, United Kingdom, Europe

Three cavers were rescued in North Yorkshire’s King Pot earlier this week after rising water trapped them underground.

The group of young cavers — two young men aged 18 and 20, along with a 19 year old woman — were reported to Yorkshire’s Cave Rescue Organisation early on Monday morning after they did not return as expected.

Unable to wait for CRO to arrive, a member of their club descended in the cave with survival equipment in an attempt to find the missing cavers.

At last arriving on site, the CRO team began searching for the group. Eventually, all four were located, the three missing cavers and the would-be rescuer, sheltering at the foot of Elizabeth Pitch, three hours into the cave.

They had become trapped following heavy rain.

With the assistance of additional rescuers, the three ‘casualties’ were assisted to the surface.

Incident 61/2013 – Dec 16 Mon 03.53 King Pot, North Yorkshire [Cave Rescue Organisation]

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