ICRO to Present Defibrillator to Local Clare Community

October 25, 2013 / Ireland, Europe / By Bernie Commins

The Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO) will officially present a defibrillator to the Doolin community this Saturday, October 26 at 1pm.

This event will officially kick-off the ICRO rescue store open-day, when members of the public are invited to attend, meet ICRO personnel and learn a little about the work that ICRO does.

The defibrillator has already been mounted on the wall in the ICRO store but local community members will have all-year-round access to it.

“We were purchasing a defib for ICRO and when we learned that the community were looking to buy five for the area, we were more than happy to make this available to the community,” said John Kavanagh, ICRO’s first aid officer.

“We have always been welcomed by the community in Doolin and this is our way of giving something back to the community too,” he said.

ICRO says thanks

ICRO would like to thank the Burren Cycling Club, Clare Sports Partnership and Ballyvaughan Fanore Walking Club for inviting them to marshal, and provide first aid cover, at several events throughout the year. Not only did this enable the cave rescuers to put their skills to good use above ground, and provide a helping hand to community groups, it also provided some very welcome fundraising opportunities for the cave rescue group.

“We were delighted to be asked to help out during the year at cycling and running events, and very grateful to the Clare organisations for asking us, and for the generous funding we received,” said John.

The ICRO store open-day is just one of the many activities lined up for the annual caving event which is based at Hotel Doolin on Saturday and Sunday, October 26 & 27.

For more information please see www.caving.ie; check out Suicro Symposium on Facebook.

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