New Compass Update Adds Automatic Backsight Validation

March 12, 2013

Compass, the popular cave survey software, has just released an update that adds automatic backsight validation to its Survey Editor.

As new survey data is entered into the editor, all the backsights are now constantly and automatically tested to make sure that they fall within a specified level of tolerance. Any shots that are beyond the tolerance level are displayed below the edit window to immediately alert you of any problems.

Compass Automatic Backsight Validation.

Compass Automatic Backsight Validation. Screengrab via Compass

This release also saw an improvement to the Sketch Editor that enables it to handle much larger images without running out of memory. Part of the change involves storing “undo” and auxiliary images to disk, rather than in RAM memory, which allows them to be displayed and edited.

Available for Windows, Compass is free to try, and full registration is only $25.00.

For more information or to try it out, visit the Compass Cave Survey Software website.

Update – 3-10-13 [Compass]

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