Video Features GPME’s 2013 Goias Expedition in Brazil

August 14, 2013 / Brazil, South America

GPME's 2013 Goias Expedition.

Brazil’s Pierre Martin Speleology Group (GPME) has released a video of their recent expedition in their home state of Goias.

Conducted between July 20th and 28th, this expedition continued the mapping of the Anésio/Russao caving system, one of the biggest caving systems in Goias State, which is filled with a diverse array of cave fauna.

During the expedition, the GPME also had the opportunity to visit the Lapa Terra Ronca, a cave located in the neighboring town of Sao Domingos.

GPME's 2013 Goias Expedition.

GPME’s 2013 Goias Expedition. Screengrab via GPME

Watch the video over on GPME’s website.

Video – Expedition Goiás 2013 SMEG [GPME via Ericson]

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  1. Jen
    August 16, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Hey! I thought Ramiro only held my hand across the river since I can’t swim! Our Portuguese was even less than his English, so maybe he just likes to hold hands?

    Great video, I hope to get back and cave in Brasil soon!


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