Upcoming Fort Stanton Event Features Snowy River Presentations

A caver standing on Fort Stanton Cave's Snowy River.

A caver standing on Fort Stanton Cave’s Snowy River. Photo via BLM

Besides Civil War reenactments and concerts, this weekends annual Fort Stanton Live! celebration at New Mexico’s Fort Stanton Historic Site will feature presentations on Fort Stanton Cave’s amazing Snowy River Passage.

First discovered in 2001, the unbroken bed of white calcite known as Snowy River is considered the longest continuous cave formation in the world. Already over 8 kilometers (5 miles) long, explorers have yet to reach the end.

The presentations, which features spectacular photographs of the recent exploration efforts and an interactive simulation, will be held at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturday June 13th at the Bureau of Land Management’s National Conservation Area Office on the fort’s Quadrangle.

Cave Project Director Steve Peerman and other project board members will be on site to respond to the public’s questions and perhaps provide the results of the most recent expedition which is occurring this week.

For more information, visit the Fort Stanton Live! website or contact Lynda Sánchez, Public Liaison for Fort Stanton Cave Study Project, at 575 653-4821 or visit the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project’s website.

Fort Stanton to open cave display [Ruidoso News]

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