Newfound Bat Habitat Causes Problems for Tennessee Sewer Project

Endangered Indiana Bats.

Endangered Indiana Bats. Photo via Ann Froschauer/USFWS

The project, to install sewer lines to a Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores being constructed off Interstate 24 near Jasper, Tennessee, was diverted to an alternate, less problematic, route through Anderson Ridge in April.

As part of a requirement by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, a biologist from Cookeville, Tennessee recently conducted a study of the area and discovered the bat habitat.

Now facing at least a 60-day delay, as well as the possibility of relocating the bad—a process that would cost $250 per bat and more than $19,000 in other expenses, the city is now planning to revert back to the original plan and hope that there are no problems with communication cables.

We can’t wait on a 60-day delay. We’ll move back across the road and fight the fiber optics. That’s the only thing we can do and hope that the contractor doesn’t get into anything. Paul Evans, Jasper Mayor

Bats could delay sewer project in Marion County [ via reader Kelly Smallwood]

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