Artificial Bat Cave to be Built in Tennessee this Spring

Bat Cave

Photo by Horrortaxi/flickr

A plan to build an artificial bat cave near Clarksville, Tennessee this spring is taking shape.

Researchers are hoping that the experimental project will help save hibernating bats from white-nose syndrome.

The cave, which will cost more than $300,000, will allow researchers a controlled environment to study bats. Though the money is not yet all collected, there is no longer any time to wait with caves in eastern Tennessee already infected.

We’d be hard-pressed to bring a population back. Bats reproduce very slowly, produce one offspring a year, and are just really, really difficult to bring back after a mortality event. Cory Holliday, Nature Conservancy

Big enough to hold tens of thousands of bats, the cave will start with a small goal of coaxing around 1,000 bats to call it home this winter.

Artificial Bat-Cave to Break Ground This Spring [WPLN]

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