Three Students Rescued From Wyoming’s Wind Cave

Wyoming's Wind Cave

Three students from Brigham Young University-Idaho were rescued on Mother’s Day after they failed to return from a visit to Wyoming’s Wind Cave.

The group, Simon Jones, 24 of Rexburg, Idaho, Nathan Smith, 22 of Mesa, Arizona., and Jarin Traxel, 21 of Los Angeles, California, had departed the previous day, Saturday May 11th, on a hike to visit Wind Cave in Darby Canyon.

When they did not return their friend became concerned and contacted authorities early on Sunday morning.

Although there was some initial concern that the party had been caught in an avalanche en route to the cave, prompting an aerial search, Teton County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team soon located evidence the three had entered the cave.

After searching in the cave for about 45 minutes, the missing explorers were located, trapped behind 1.2 meters (four feet) of solid ice, at 3:40 pm.

Two hours later, rescuers had successfully breached the ice and freed the hikers, who were cold, but otherwise uninjured. By 7:30 pm they were back at their vehicle at the trailhead.

Although the report doesn’t mention how they got stuck behind the ice, one can deduce that the party had attempted a one-way through trip between the appropriately named Ice Cave and became trapped when the way was blocked.

Three rescued from Darby wind cave Sunday [Teton Valley News]

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