Cave Converter Update Released: 20130316

March 17, 2013
Command Line.

Command Line. Photo by n3wjack/flickr

An update to Footleg’s Cave Converter tool, a free software program for converting between various cave survey file formats, has just been released.

Only ten days since the last release, version 20130316 finally fixes the last known issues in converting survey data into Toporobot format. Now, even the most complex caves correctly convert for import into PocketTopo format.


  • Fixed bug in Toporobot writer which left survey series unlinked when
    two series crossed over each other in the middle of each series (i.e. Not joined at the start or end of either series).

Written in Java, the GNU GPLv3 licensed program will work equally well on either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

For more information or to grab yourself a copy, visit

[via Footleg]

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