Footleg Releases Cave Converter Update: 20130305

March 5, 2013
Command Line.

Command Line. Photo by n3wjack/flickr

A new version of Footleg’s Cave Converter tool, a free software program for converting between various cave survey file formats, has just been released.

Built primarily to allow users of DistoX devices to get their existing data into PocketTopo, and their new survey data out of PocketTopo and into Survex format, this updated version 20130305 includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added support for nested series in the data model. Survex reader and writer no longer flatten the survey series hierarchy when series are inside other series.
  • Fixed issue where Survex output files put data inside duplicated begin/end blocks.
  • Improved series naming in PocketTopo converted data. Series now have the series number as their name rather than the full cave name and series number, so the name is not duplicated in the outer series name and inner series names. The outer series name is now the full name from the input file (previously any numbers on the end of the name were removed).
  • PocketTopo converted data links to series not included in the PocketTopo file now use the correct series number and station number for the linked external series instead of dummy data.
  • Toporobot format generation is much faster, and handles more complex cave surveys which could crash the converter in previous versions.
  • Fixed crash in Toporobot writer when converting directly from PocketTopo format.

Written in Java, the GNU GPLv3 licensed program will work equally well on either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

For more information or to grab yourself a copy, visit

[via Footleg]

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