Outdoor Cave Installation Wins Architectural Competition

January 30, 2012 / Chile, South America
Water Cathedral Project

Photo by Guy Wenborne/Constructo

A proposal that won last year’s Young Architects Program was inspired heavily from caves.

The design, created by the Chilean group GUN Arquitectos, features numerous slender “stalactites” and “stalagmites” which, fed by a hydraulic irrigation network, drip at different pulses and speeds to cool visitors below.

Dubbed the Water Cathedral Project, the public outdoor structure was erected in Santiago, Chile.

The Young Architects Program is a worldwide venture to offer emerging architects the opportunity to design and present pioneering projects, challenging each year’s winners to develop highly innovative designs for a temporary outdoor installation that provides shade, seating, and water.

The architects must also work within guidelines that address environmental issues, including sustainability and recycling.

Water Cathedral – Winner of the Young Architects Program in Chile [eVolo]

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