Chile’s Beautiful Marble Cathedral

August 6, 2011 / Chile, South America
Chile's Marble Cathedral

Photo by Zoom Zoom

Considered the most beautiful cave network in the world, Chile’s Marble Cathedral is an intricate system of water-filled caverns set in Lake General Carrera, the second largest freshwater lake in South America.

The unique light show in the cave is caused by the reflection of the water on the marble walls. Due to the lake being fed by glacial run off, the height of the water is always fluctuating, creating an environment changes depeneding on the time of year.

The cave is featured in a book, Blue Light, by American Linde Waidehofer, a landscape photographer and environmentalist from Colorado who has made her second home here atop two marble caves.

For more photos of the cave, continue on to the Daily Mail feature, or visit Blurb to buy or preview a copy of Linde Waidehofer’s book, Blue Light.

The world’s most beautiful caves? Photographer reveals the true beauty of Chile’s Marble Cathedral [Daily Mail]

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