Learn How to Identify Bats; New Field Guide on Bats Released

January 14, 2012 / Canada, United States, North America

Bats of the United States and CanadaA new field guide on the bats of the U.S. and Canada was released just a short while ago.

Written by three renowned bat experts, Michael J. Harvey, J. Scott Altenbach, and Troy L. Best, the book, entitled Bats of the United States and Canada, is full of amazing photographs and features 47 different bat species.

In addition to the usual overview of the bats including classification, biology, feeding behavior, habitats, migration, reproduction and range maps; the book also includes handy identification tips and up to date information on the dangers that bats face from things like destruction of their habitat, wind farms, chemicals, and white-nose syndrome.

To any of our readers that already have a copy, how does it compare to other field guides on bats? Let us know in the comments.

The Secret Lives of Bats [ScientificAmerican.com via reader Jim Coke]

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