Jewel Cave Announces Off-Season Wild Caving Tours

Hydromagnesite Balloon in Jewel CaveIn order to better accommodate folks that may have more time during the off-season, Jewel Cave National Monument has announced it will be offering a number of Wild Cave Tours this winter.

The Wild Caving Tour at Jewel Cave is a three to four-hour adventure that takes participants off the manicured trails of the cave and into areas where they must scramble over breakdown, chimney between cave walls and crawl through tight passages.

At 1 kilometre (0.66 miles) long the route passes some beautiful cave formations such as hydromagnesite balloons and gets cavers to crawl through the blustery Hurricane Corner, climb Martha’s Kettle, and squeeze through the Brain Drain.

The trip is extremely strenuous, and all would be cavers are required to fit through a 21 by 61 centimeter (8.5 by 24 inch) opening. Anyone having a fear of closed spaces or heights should not attempt this tour.

Off Season Wild Cave Tour Dates

  • December 31st
  • January 14th
  • February 11th
  • March 10th and 17th
  • April 14th

Wild Caving Tours are limited to five participants on each trip, and spots will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.

For more information on the Wild Caving Tour or to make a reservation, contact the visitor center at (605) 673-8300 and select Option 1.

Jewel Cave National Monument Offers Off-Season Wild Caving Tours [Jewel Cave National Monument]

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