Elevator Maintenance Temporarily Cancels Tours at Jewel Cave

A Display in Jewel Cave National Monument Visitor Center

Photo by Jllm06/Wikipedia

Jewel Cave National Monument has cancelled cave tours from Tuesday, February 7 until Monday, February 13, 2012, due to elevator maintenance.

During the week-long downtime, the two 28-story elevators, which act as the main access to and from the cave, will undergo necessary upkeep.

The tasks include rewiring the elevator hoistway, repairing position indicators, and installing waterproof door interlocks, as well as conducting a thorough maintenance check before the upcoming busy summer season.

“Due to a hectic summer schedule and high visitation, elevator maintenance is best done during the winter months. With predicted low visitation in early February, we are hopeful that the maintenance can be completed without much visitor impact.” Larry Johnson, Jewel Cave National Monument Superintendent

In lieu of the cave tours, the park will be offering free nature hikes each day at 10:00am and 2:00pm. The 0.4 kilometer (0.25 mile), often overlooked, Roof Trail wanders through a beautiful ponderosa pine forest.

During the elevator closures, the visitor center will be keeping its usual hours, open daily from 8:30am until 4:30pm, with Park Rangers on hand to answer questions.

For more information on the closures, call the Visitor Center at 605-673-8300 (Option 2) or visit the Jewel Cave National Monument website.

Jewel Cave National Monument Temporarily Closes Cave for Tours [Jewel Cave National Monument]

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