The 2011 NSS Multimedia Salon Award Winner is Online

November 12, 2011 / Austria, Europe, United States, North America

The only entry and subsequent winner of the Merit Award at the 2011 NSS Multimedia Salon has been posted online.

The video, entitled “Höhlen – Landschaften ohne Licht” or “Caves – Landscapes without Light”, attempts to show the diversity of caves in photographs, with their pits, passages, chambers, water, ice, dripstones and crystals featured. The photos arranged in the presentation were shot by 16 of the world’s best cave photographers and include caves from around the globe, with a special focus on Austrian caves.

Created by the Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria, the video is included as part of an exhibit of the same name which opened at the museum on September 29th, 2010 and will continue until the fall of 2012.

Not only was this the first ever professional entry in the Salon, it was also the first to receive a Merit Award. Members of Sacramento’s Mother Lode Grotto acted as a judges during one of their regular meetings and unanimously decided it was worth of the award.

2011 Multimedia Salon Results [NSS Salons]

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