NSS 2011 Salon Winners are Now Online

September 29, 2011 / United States, North America

The 2011 NSS art & music salons entries and winners have finally been posted online after their exhibition this past July during the NSS convention in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where the awards were unveiled.

The NSS Salons promote and recognize cave-related art, artists, and musicians. Submissions are open to everyone, whether you are a member of the NSS or not.

Congratulations to everyone who entered. The results are fantastic.

2011 NSS Salon Gallery

This is a glimpse of just some of the winners in the emblems, fine arts, cover art, prints, slides and t-shirt categories. Be sure to also check out the cartographic, video and multimedia categories.

2011 NSS Cave Ballad Salon Entries

Being that there were only 5 ballad entries, I just had to include them all.

Ballad of Edd by L. Allen Beard, performed by Charles Davidson (Traditional category)http://caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Music/2011/Ballad_of_Edd.mp3|titles=Ballad

Claustrophobia by Mike Frazier, performed by the Mad Rat Orchestra (Original category)http://caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Music/2011/CLAUSTROPHOBIA-01.mp3|titles=Claustrophobia|artists=Mad

Saltpetre Man by David Collings and Russ Carter snagged Best of Show (Traditional category)http://caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Music/2011/SaltpetreMan.mp3|titles=Saltpetre

Mad Rat Cavers by Mike Frazier, performed by the Mad Rat Orchestra got an Honorable Mention (Original category)http://caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Music/2011/05%20mad%20rat%20cavers.mp3|titles=Mad

Colorado Cavin’ by Mike Frazier, performed by the Mad Rat Orchestra received the Merit Award (Original category)http://caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Music/2011/CO%20cavin'.3.mp3|titles=Colorado

NSS Salons [National Speleological Society]

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